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An optimised website has the potential to perform well on search engines - periodic search performance reviews can identify opportunities for improvement when targeting this 'free' traffic.

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Website Reviews to Acquire 'Free' Traffic

When you search for your company’s product or service, is it listed on page one? Would you like to optimise your website and content without resorting to questionable 'SEO' techniques?

For many location-based companies, being prominent in 'Organic' (free) search results is one of the best ways to generate low cost website traffic. Our Search Performance Reviews can help with your long term strategy to maximise traffic coming from non paid search.

Our Approach

We belive that website and content optimisation should be undertaken without the use of manipulation - simply, dubious 'instant success' techniques are not our thing.

By operating a 'puting your best forward' approach, we aim to help our clients ensure they are making the most of their website and content. For example, do you have an image displaying 'red flowers', yet the actual image name is akin to 'website-image-1.jpg' - simple yet effective changes can make huge differences in performance.

We find that having a business listed twice or more in search engines, for the same search query, is highly effective - search adverts combined with the power of natural 'organic' results are a powerful combination.

What to Expect

For search performance, the focus is on improving the volume of traffic from 'free' search engine listing. Engaging in optimisation is a long term activity - with safe results coming over the period of months, if not years.

With resources limited on the fully inclusive campaigns, our expectations are conservative and dependant on client side implementation of our recommendations.

For the typical client taking out our 12 month GEO BOOST campaign, we would hope to increase organic search traffic by at least 15% in the first year.

*Whilst we make every effort to provide realistic expectations on performance, all provided numbers are for illustrative purposes only.

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To ensure your business can benefit from the GEO Boost solution, feel free to provide some basic details and we will check your suitability before calling you back.

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