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Our origins are in the franchise space, with an impressive record of plus 4 million in revenue increases for a leading cleaning business client.

Effective Franchise Marketing is More Than Just Scale

Whilst the advantages of scale are a key part of franchise marketing, it is understanding of the nuances between franchise units that is critical to success.

With same store sales metrics as important as group turnover, a focus on regional drivers helps ensure no franchisee is left unsupported.

At Digital Savant, we take the time understand the wider business model whilst developing individual location based growth strategies.

There are often distinct advantages gained by analysing aggregated franchise unit data - with clear trends across the group highlighting optimisation opportunities.

Understanding the Needs of Both the Franchisee & Franchisor

Whilst all parties are looking for growth, when it comes to marketing, there are often conflicts of interests that need to be managed - is a franchisee looking to do their own SEO, whilst competing with the HQ content strategy? Is the business owner engaged with third parties employing dubious marketing tactics?

An important part of our consultancy is protecting the interests of the group whilst serving the needs of the individual. We encourage big picture thinking and co-operation between franchise units in order to meet the wider marketing goals.

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