Google Display Ads

As an online equivalent to adverts found in magazines and newspapers, Google Display Adverts are a low cost, high volume solution to increasing the general awareness of your business.

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Influencing Choice by Creating Awareness

Imagine you are looking to buy a product and have a choice from three near identical companies; their websites all look great, online reviews all seem positive and the price is the same – Who do you choose?

As brilliantly illustrated in an episode of Derren Brown’s Trick Of The Mind, even marketing professionals are subject to subconscious influences of what is believed to be free choice.

Our targeted display campaigns aim to create a sense of familiarity and trust around your brand; thereby increasing the likelihood that your business will be selected at a future moment of choice.

Our Approach

By keeping targeting methods tightly focused and consistent across all our activities, we aim to optimise the marketing mix towards the goal of reaching the same user multiple times.

We work hard to identify the appropriate amount of time between display campaigns and more ‘intent’ based campaigns such as search adverts. In addition, careful consideration is taken when balancing budgets across channels and campaigns.

By using standardised and templated artwork for each business niche, we are able to limit the associated design costs and take a high level view of performance data across non-competing clients. A client's logo and brand colours are included in artwork to ensure ‘brand recall’ (familiarity).

What to Expect

When it comes to Display Ads, the focus is on being seen - whilst we measure traffic and sales, these should be counted as a bonus. Known as ‘viewable impressions’, the success metric here is the number of times users see the adverts we place.

As each business is unique, exact numbers are almost impossible to quantify, however a general guide, for the average local business we aim to achieve between 500 - 1000 viewable impressions for every £pound spent*.

For clients on our 12 month GEO BOOST campaign, that could mean their brand is seen between 250,000 - 500,000 times.

*Whilst we make every effort to provide realistic expectations on performance, all provided numbers are for illustrative purposes only.

Business Discovery Call

To ensure your business can benefit from the GEO Boost solution, feel free to provide some basic details and we will check your suitability before calling you back.

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