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For many, Google’s search engine is the ‘front door’ to the internet. Google Search Ads provide the opportunity to be one of the first listed when users are looking for a product or service online.

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Jumping the Google Search Listing Queue

How often do use Google to find a new business to provide you with something new? How often do you click on one of the first listings? When you search for your company’s product or service, is it listed on page one?

For many location-based companies, being present on Google Search is one of the most effective ways to generate quality, ‘intent’ driven website traffic. Our Search Ad campaigns provide optimal visibility when users search for terms related to your business.

Our Approach

We see search ads as highly intent focused - simply we believe the user has a specific purpose in mind. We take the time to understand the meaning behind the specific search terms used (keywords), ensuring they are correctly associated with a businesses offerings, and optimise accordingly.

By using standardised, highly optimised strategies and assets for each business niche, we are able to limit the associated account management costs and take a high level view of performance data across non-competing clients.

As part of our multi-channel process, we prefer to introduce customers to a brand prior to them actively searching for a product or service - our display and leaflet campaigns are perfect for this.

What to Expect

For Search Ads, the focus is qualified traffic - we measure success on conversions not clicks. With this in mind, we work with out clients to ensure the strategies employed are revenue producing.

As each business is unique, exact numbers are almost impossible to quantify, however a general guide, for the average local business we aim to acquire around 1 - 2 qualified users for every £pound spent*.

Of course, some niches are extremely competitive and costs for a single click can be extremely expensive - where possible we try to find opportunities to compete on less expensive search terms.

For clients on our 12 month GEO BOOST campaign, we would aim to attract 1500 - 3000 targeted users to a website.

*Whilst we make every effort to provide realistic expectations on performance, all provided numbers are for illustrative purposes only.

Business Discovery Call

To ensure your business can benefit from the GEO Boost solution, feel free to provide some basic details and we will check your suitability before calling you back.

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