Focused Social Media in Altrincham
Grow your business by expanding your reach

Our Approach to Social Media

We understand that the purpose of Social Media for business is much more than simply being “social”. Armed with a clear purpose, we help our clients find their voice whilst delivering on key commercial objectives.

With a focus on social to support other marketing activities, such as SEO and off-line media, we work closely with our customers to create a full digital strategy that offers a real world return on investment.

Leverage the power of Social Media to generate new business

At Digital Savant we work on all stages of sales cycle and understand the effects of the “conversion funnel”. With the ultimate aim to direct the end user to a point of conversion, be it a purchase or submitting a sign up form, Social presents great opportunities for setting a potential customer on the desired path.

We help our clients to evaluate the online digital opportunities and by targeting the correct audience with the most appropriate social platform, work towards turning conversation into new business.

Position your brand as a key industry experts using our supported or fully managed service

Success with Social Media, whilst developing relationships, is all about positioning your brand as knowledgeable and trust worthy. By being the “experts” in your chosen field, you can take advantage of the power of advocacy and reap the rewards as the general public recommend your business to others.

With this in mind, we encourage our clients to handle as much of the day-to-day interactions as possible, whilst supporting them with aspects such training, technical setup, analytics, and content production.

For those with limited time or resources we offer a fully managed service

After taking the appropriate time to get to truly know your business we act can on your behalf, confident we then are able to communicate with your audience with a high level of “product” knowledge.

Education & Training

Social Media impacts on almost every aspect of a modern company; from marketing to customer service. Where possible, it is beneficial to provide all key departments full training, enabling the appropriate team members to provide a focused contribution at the appropriate time.

Conducted over a full or half day time period, we can arrange for full instructor led Social Media training to be provided in your workplace for up to 20 delegates. Call for details!