Pay Per Click (PPC) Management in Altrincham
Generate instant web traffic cost efficiently

Our Approach to PPC

Whilst we recognise that almost any agency can obtain traffic from platforms such as Google AdWords, we also understand not all website visits are equal. Before starting work on your PPC account, it is important to us that we take the time to truly understand your company and how it is placed in your market place.

Armed with this qualitative information, our AdWords Certified Account Managers will work closely with you to identify not only the best source of traffic but the optimal cost in which to obtain it (cost per acquisition).

Looking to increase sales or target new customers? Effective PPC management is the key to achieving a positive ROI 

An effective pay per click account takes a more considered approach than simply “setting and going”. Often new clients convey frustration over the lack of real world conversions in relation to their past account activity. With continual optimisation, fine tuning and most importantly communication, we achieve tangible results that offer our customers an actual return on investment.

Some of the important PPC metrics we can affect to optimise your account

Pay per click platforms have a vast array of configurable options, setting up a clients’ account in line with the desired strategy is paramount to a successful advertising campaign.

Examples of pro-active account configuration are: setting a tightly controlled budget in combination with the correct bidding strategy; researching the keywords that drive traffic; identifying and eliminating low conversion “negative” keywords; creation and frequent testing of advert copy; optimising for user locations; selecting optimal times to display adverts.


Stepping out of PPC – helping our clients drive conversions

Although platforms such as Google AdWords are highly effective at driving traffic, concentrating on traffic alone can lead to a low return of investment. Taking a more holistic approach, we step out of the PPC platform and assist our clients with the bigger picture of conversion.

To increase conversions it is vital to understand key elements such as the visitor journey; website performance; competition analysis and landing page optimisation.

Implementing conversion tracking to test the performance of “A-B” tested adverts and landing pages is just one of the additional services we offer our clients. We can perform detailed website analysis to identify key performance indicators such as bounce rate and visitor journey.