Analytics expertise in Altrincham
Monitor key performance data to greatly assist your Digital Marketing efforts

Our approach to Analytics

When it comes to Digital Marketing, we truly believe in the saying “Knowledge is power”. With the potential of underperforming campaigns to impact on a client’s return on investment, taking the time to review and understand key performance metrics is vital.

With extensive experience in Google Analytics, our team endeavours to deliver meaningful and reliable reports on important statistics and patterns, highlighting opportunities for improvement or particular concern.

Better understand your customer journey to increase conversions

By installing tracking code on to our client’s websites, we can record every click, page visit and even the duration spent on the site. By evaluating the path a visitor takes when navigating from page to page, we are able to build a clear picture of the user journey.

Just some of the questions that can be answered using analytics:

How long does a user remain on a page or the entire site? Do they “Bounce” away or stick around to learn more?
What page does the user land on when entering from an external source? What do they do next?
What is the typical user profile? Where are they searching from? What devices do they use? What browsers do they use?
Are conversion goals met? Do users fill in a form? Do they download something? Do they buy something?

By answering these important questions we are able structure the website design and content accordingly allowing our clients to focus on making changes that optimise for conversions.

Measure and review key data to better track your marketing goals

Dove-tailing extremely well into PPC, SEO and Social Media, analytics offer a way to track performance and report on campaign activity. As each “refer” is identified by source, website visits can be paired with the medium that they originated from.

With the ability to define conversion criteria, such as filling in a contact form, marketing activity can be easily matched to conversions allowing for even greater insight.We can combine this knowledge with a solid A/B testing strategy to optimise your digital marketing efforts